EQDrive upgrade kit EQ3 N

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The EQDrive upgrade kit for upgrading mounts of Sky Watcher EQ3, Celestron CG4 and others.

EQDrive upgrade kit in 5 minutes, turn your mount in a complex with a computerized GOTO,
It allows you not only comfortable to watcher, as well as to begin the first steps in astrophotography

Set complete :

1. The EQDrive Standard 3 N сontrol unit  ) - 1 piece 
2. connection cable - 2 pieces (length of 120 cm)
3. pulley 26-T2,5 - 2 pieces.
4. pulley 16-T2,5 - 2 pieces.
5. T2,5 belt - 2 pieces.
6. Fastening of the engine - 2 piece (Steel, metalpowder painting)
7. set of fixing bolts, screws - 1 piece.
8. stepper motors - 2 pieces.

Reduction of a belt drive with the specified pulleys 1:1,625.

made in Ukraine. 

first steps with EQDRIVE 

EQ Drive upgrade kit GOTO for mount EQ-3,CG-4 and others (User's Manual)

Benefits EQDrive upgrade kit:  

1. Fast installation on regular site of mount that excludes completions,alterations and loss of an original form of your equatorial mount.
2. The high-quality belt drives applied in a design, will relieve you of mount noise,which arose on traditional gear wheels. The system isn't subject to wear and development,as polyurethane belts in additives strengthened by steel cords are applied.
3. These drives have positive influence on the periodic error in mount, exclude the side play (backlash), which is an integral part of usual gear reducers.
4. Ability to maintain overloads above, the best moment of acceleration.The EQDrive Standard unit support slewing speed up to 8,5°/sec (2000x). 

5. Higher maintaining accuracy,correction of a form of current of windings of engines (please see pic.)

  Testing the upgrade kit for equatorial mount EQ3 (video)