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     The EQDrive Standard 2 the control unit, is intended for automation of work of the equatorial, German and azimuthal mounts.
The control unit can work practically with any mount operated by the step motor (SM) supports the big range of a reduction of axes, allows to operate mount of the telescope as is autonomous (The panel, only for the EQ modes), and through astronomical programs with the established platform ASCOM6.x + EQMOD on your personal computer.

gallery of astronomic photos got through EQ Drive Standard

first steps with EQDRIVE

Power supply: 12 — 24 V, 5 A. (recommended 24 V)
SM (Stepper motor) type: Bipolar.
Supply voltage of SM drivers: To equally entrance supply voltage.
SM winding current: Adjustable 0,1 — 2 A., for comparison in EQDrive STANARD old version, current 0,1-0,8 A
Smooth dispersal and braking of SM: Adjustable 0 — 10 seс.
Correction of nonlinearity of the course of SM: yes.
Axis reduction coefficient: not limited. Recommended 1:1 — 1:2000.
Product case: Anode aluminum 100mm x 75mm (90mm) x 35mm 
Product weight: 300 grams.

Benefits EQDrive STANDARD unit :  

All EQDrive Standart settings who are made in the EQDrive Config program  remain in non-volatile memory.
Settings under the chosen a mount can be kept on PC in the file created for this purpose and in a consequence to consider and write down in eqdrive.
 Only one the EQDrive block can operate for all  park of the equatorial mounts. 

From circuitry features in management the most modern components are used: 32-bit controler with clock frequency of 72 MHz, four channels of 12-bit DAC, modern drivers of step engines, drivers are powered by 24 volts from the internal converter of voltages. 
 We use protection from incorrect polarity and galvanic outcome of entrances of USB and Panel (HC).
The controller with 32-bit architecture gave us a speed bonus by developing a completely different control algorithm for stepper motors , no steps in the classical form current, all works absolutely without the steps. A stepper motor works as a synchronous motor. This system do not have any analogs in world! It gives us the movement accuracy, noiselessness, smoothness of acceleration / braking of mount. 
 The Acceleration or braking  works at any speeds from 0. 0,5x,from 1x to 5x or from 1x to 800x.  
 Ability to overloads above, the best moment of acceleration. The EQDrive Standard unit supported slewing speed up to 8,5°/sec (2000x). 
Higher maintaining accuracy,correction of a form of current of windings of engines (please see pic.)


Shortcomings of existing solutions:

 rough movement
 Discrete change in velocity
 Dependence on microsteps
 Acceleration and deceleration with a push at the beginning and at the
end of movement
 Private protocol, limited functionality
 The complexity of the formation of non-linear trajectories (spiral, fast
asteroids, satellites)

 Precise mathematical calculations
 Stepless algorithm of current in the winding
 Nonlinearity correction
 Acceleration and deceleration at any speed
 One step precise GOTO positioning
 Guiding (ST4, ASCOM)
 Open protocol ASTEP
 Eqmod compatibility
 Spiral search


On the forward panel four sockets, Power, HC, ACC, USB and the indicator of a state (light-emitting diode) are located.
The Power socket for giving of constant supply voltage to the device, has protection against a polarity reversal.
The НC  socket (Hand Controller) for connection of the control panel. Has a galvanic outcome from the main scheme of the control unit.
Additional functions, can work as the second COM port through which it is possible to operate mount.
On it you can connect for example a bluetooth the module (НС-04, 05, 06) and operate mount is removed.
The Accessories (ACC) socket (at present in development).
1. Auto Guide mode. Entrance of a car of the guide. Speed of a gidirovaniye is adjusted separately on each axis.
2. Panel mode. The mode becomes more active deduction 1-3sek buttons (RA+ & RA-) after turning on of the device.

The USB socket has a galvanic outcome from the main scheme of the block of an unit.

Power socket
Socket of PC-2.1/5.5 of food
Central contact plus.
Side contact minus
Protection against a polarity reversal: is.

Hand Controller (HC) socket
1. +3,3v (100mA max.)
2. Rx.
3. Tx.
4. Gnd (ground)

The Accessories (ACC) socket (in development).
Mode Auto Guide (is realized)
1. nc.
2. Gnd.
3. RA+
4. DEC+
5. DEC-
6. RA-
guide speed​  is recording in to the flash memory of the device with the EQDriveConfig program.

Mode the Panel (is realized)
1. RA+
2. Gnd.
3. DEC+
5. DEC-
6. RA-

Activation of SM drivers of the RA+ & RA-button (the supply voltage on motors moves).
Activation of the SM driver of the DEC+ & DEC-button (removal of supply voltage from motors).
Star speed of the MODE & RA-button.
Lunar speed of the MODE & DEC+ button.
Solar speed of the MODE & RA+ button.
Stop of the MODE & DEC-button.
Switching of speed of targeting of Low/High MODE button.
1 multiple pressing of the MODE button establishes 40 x or 1000 x
2-x multiple - 20x
3-x multiple - 10x
4-x multiple - 5x
5-multiple - 2.5x
6- multiple - 1.2x
7-multiple - 0.6x
8-multiple - 0.4x


On the back panel it is located two 9 contact the socket, for connection of step engines.

Sockets RA/AZ Motor, DEC/ALT Motor (Winding Configurations)
1. A1 winding.
2. A2 winding.
3. Empty (nc).
4. B1 winding.
5. B2 winding
6. Weight (Gnd).
7. Weight (Gnd).
8. Weight (Gnd).
9. Weight (Gnd).

The list of the recommended motors (their analog we look and we select independently).
23HS6620 2A http://www.longs-motor.com/