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Name: Darryl
Time: 2016-01-16 07:12:29
Subject: EQ3 EqDrive Kit
Message: Hi,

I am very interested in this product. I have a EQ3 Pro with Syncscan GOTO with the steel tripod.

Is there a version of your kit that allows for just the replacement of the gears to belt drive configuration, or can I purchase all the parts necessary for that conversion? If so, what would be the cost in US dollars?

If I were to get the full kit, what performance improvements could I expect over stock? I like the idea of working directly with EQMod which I currently use.

Would the conversion give me any increase in guiding, tracking, goto accuracy? How would it impact payload capacity? Currently the EQ3 is limited to 8kgs +/-.

What is the price of the kit in US dollars and delivered to the US?



AstroDeviсes аnswer:

Hi, Darryl, thanks for your question. 

Benefits EQ3 EqDrive Kit:

There is no control panel (hand controler), our product is focused first of all for the astronomical photo with use of the personal computer and with use of the ASCOM and EQMOD platform.
Loading capacity is limited to opportunities of your mount.

1)Ability to maintain overloads above, the best moment of acceleration.In other functionality the EQDrive GOTO Standard kit unit supports all EQDrive technologies: accuracy, noiselessness, correction of a form of current of windings of engines, in the maximum speed of targeting (can be near 1200-2000x), a configuration and updating  the utility of EQDrive Config.
2. The high-quality belt drives applied in a design, will relieve you of mount noise,
which arose on traditional gear wheels. The system isn't subject to wear and development,
as polyurethane belts in additives strengthened by steel cords are applied.
3. These drives have positive influence on the periodic error in mount, exclude the side play (backlash), which is an integral part of usual gear reducers.

 the cost $ 299 & FREE worldwide shipping to USA (Standard  post)

clear sky and best regards

Name: Slava Evanikoff
Time: 2016-09-02 07:12:29
Subject: p-gram standard 2 pro​
Message: How may I order one to ship to California?  Do you take credit cards?  Will
the mount work on Celestron type tripod and will it also work on heavy duty
type camera tripod like Orion Paragon or Monfrotto mounts?
Thank You

AstroDeviсes аnswer:

Hi, Slava  !

   Thank you for questions!At the monent we wait of finished products for the sale.  The mount now is not available. us neccesary  to 15-20 days.  

    All operations are carried  in the  bank of Europe. We have an account there. Now we are in the process of exploration of the US market. We have an account with Pay Pal. It is best to use a tripod for the equatorial mounts. It will be more reliable. The cost delivery  in to California is $47 from Ukraine . Economy Shipping (USPS). Estimated within 20 business days.  Сan I help you?

regards, Valentin


Name: Joe
Time: 2016-03-22 02:09:11
Page Title: Parallelogram Standard II
Page Url:
Subject: Pro bino mount
Message: Explain differences between pro and standard mount. Is either powder coated? Can I use my G11 tripod? Thanks, joe

Hi, Joe!

Thank you for questions!

The parallelogram mount Pro have a more load capacity, up to 8 kg. Also possible the choice of use dovetail adapter (for mount binoculars) or classic bracket! Please wait, i will download new photo on website, on this week.

For setting the parallelogram mount pro, you need a tripod with M10 screw (Synta Eq-5/Heq5, Eq-3, Celestron CG4/5, meade LXD55/75, Vixen GP/GP2 and many other.

For setting on Losmandy G-11 you need the special adapter. We can make for you, but us necessary additional time for production and the exact dimensions adapter, sketch ( if  you give their us).

Coated: corrosion resistant and mechanically durable powder coating of black colour, the type of paint coating "shagreen". (

Have a nice day!

Regards, Valentin

Name: Dick Gentry
Time: 2016-03-22 03:19:11
Page Title: Parallelogram Standard II
Page Url:
Subject: Pro bino mount
Message: I will use this with Lunt MS 10x50 binoculars that weigh 1340g. As I read
your information it seems I will need no weight to balance these on the Pro
mount. Can you confirm that, please?
I plan to order ASAP via your ebay store.
Best regards.

 Hello, Dick!

Thank you for message.

If you all understand right, for balance on the mount a binoculars with 1340 g weight you need have a counterweights (about 2000 g). But can purchase 4000 g, for setting on mount a more large binoculars in future.

You can to buy counterweights in us or in any other shop. 

The cost on  our products you can see on ebay market or our website.

Regards, Valentin

Name: Bill Hendricks
Time: 2016-03-27 23:12 
Page Title: Parallelogram Standard II
Page Url:
Subject: parallelogram mount questions
Message: If I remove the EQ mount from my Orion SkyView Pro tripod, will your mount
work on that tripod without additional hardware? If not, what hardware is
needed? Also, using that configuration, how easy would it be to remove the
mount from the tripod? Thank you, Bill

Hi, Bill!

thank you for message!

Yes of course, the tripod from the Orion EQ mount  is fit for Parallelogram standard II, if have there a M10 screw for mount.

If i can be yet helpful? please write to me.

Best regards, Valentin





Time: 2016-04-14 23:43 
Page Title: Parallelogram Standard II |
Page Url:  
Subject: parallelogram mount
Message: Hi Valentine,

I'm very interested in this product of yours. I have two questions:

1. What is the diameter of the counterweight shaft? I would like to use the CloverThree counterweight (http://www.darkframe...cloverthree-red) designed for 12mm shaft. Is it possible?

2. I would like to attach the mount to my photo tripod with 3/8" screw. Can I specify this option?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi, Alvin!

I'm glad to answer to you!
We can make the special adapter for mount on your tripod with screw 3/8 on the bolt M10 for parallelogram.
Yes of course, we too can make counterweight rod with diameter 12 mm. And also you can use on it standard counterweights with 20 mm diameter of landing.
But us need additional time for processing your order about 20-30 days.
At the moment I can offer a new mount, the Parallelogram standard II PRO http://astrodevices....standard-ii-pro
The cost of parallelogram with delivery is 199$.

Please ask any questions!

best regards, Valentin