Parallelogram Standard (discontinued)


   The mount is designed to support large astronomical binoculars, their fixation, fine height adjustment, positioning and choice of angle, depending on user’s preference. It allows you to observe while standing, lying down or sitting, providing comfort and a wide range of positions. TM PARALLELOGRAM STANDARD ® was created using all of the experience gained from the moment, when  we first started producing mounts in 2012. We used high-quality materials, as well as applied our own original solutions and design. 

guarantee of 3 years


Dimensions: 850mm x 150mm x 100mm

Height adjustment limit: 900 mm (excluding tripod height)

Weight: 3,6 kg. depending on the configuration, without a tripod and counterweights

Maximum load: binoculars weighing up to 8 pounds 

Tripod mounting: standard thread M10

Fixing to binoculars: inch thread of ¼ standard

Manufacturing material: solid steel construction, technical rubber, fluoroplastic. Painting: corrosion resistant and mechanically durable powder coating of light grey and black shades, glossy or "shagreen".

    The mount is adapted in a standard way to be compatible with the tripods of the equatorial mounts, such as Sky Watcher, Synta, Celestron, etc., with fastening bolt M10. Compatible stands: EQ-1, EQ2, EQ-3 EQ-5, HEQ-5 and (an M12 thread landing for EQ-6 can be made upon request. Counterweights have 16 mm landing. (not included).

     Each of the four axes of the mount arm is equipped with special plugs, bearings and polyacetal washers to ensure the friction is maximally smooth and the maintenance of selected position. The mount allows for rotation in the following 4 ways:

1. The base (the whole structure can be rotated horizontally by 360°)

2. The base can also be moved up and down (height adjustment for a specific observer)

3. Binocular bracket can be moved on horizontal axis by 180 °

4. Binocular bracket can be moved on vertical axis by 360°

Axes are equipped with locking and pressing mechanisms, with an option to adjust the pressure, as well as a block, preventing their accidental removal.

With our product you will dive into the world of comfortable binocular observations of the starry sky.

The set contains:

1. parallelogram-mount including all nodes, 1 pc.
2. counterweight rod - 1 pc.
3. binoculars fixing screw with ¼ inch  -1 pc.
4. M6 stop-clip -2 pcs.
5. M12 stop-clip - 1 pc.
6. Flange, adapted to fit on a tripod with an M10 screw thread fixing.

Tripod and counterweights are not included in the set.