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Good experience in purchasing stuff in this shop.Low cost and good service.Thank you
Erik Ouwens
PARALLELOGRAM STANDARD - Binocular Mount (ebay item number 161825098731)
Thank you very much this parallelogram is a good quality peace, i am very happy!
Sheila Reilly
Parallelogram Standard II binocular mount TM Astrodevices... (ebay item number 221990831686)
Yes, seems to be a solid and well built mount, but much heavier than expected. I use a 15x70 but this is probably more suited for a big 25x100. I'll have to get a stronger tripod for it I think. Thanks.

Smooth Transaction. Reasonable delivery time from Ukraine.
David Cartier, Sr.
Parallelogram Standard II binocular mount (eBay item number:221990831686)
A SUPERB mount,strong, compact, intelligently designed,well built, EXCELLENT!

Gerardo Morales
counterwight Stainless Steel 4000 gm ebay item nubmer (221999606558)
"Muy buena la calidad y el servicio"
Thomas Langpap
EQ Drive upgrade kit GOTO
Drive upgrade kit arrived in good order.
EQ Drive upgrade kit GOTO for Eq-5
Everything connected fine, very happy with EQDrive system. The EQDrive is very quite and very fast!
Parallelogram Standard II PRO
It is very robust and seems well made. It should last longer than I will. I mounted my binoculars, balanced them with @ 2.25kg weight and mounted Baader solar filters on the objectives. The short solar observing session went well and I think I will be very happy with the mount. It is heavy but it is strong.
The transaction was simple and smooth. Thank you and good luck to you and your company.
Brett Hanafin
Parallelogram Standard II
8 days to Uk, well packaged, well made and preassembled. Good mount. Happy. AAA
(Parallelogram Standard II - professional binocular mount (ebay item number #162020009810)
William J. Steves
Parallelogram Standard II PRO
The best piece of astronomy gear must have for anyone who uses binoculars!!